Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Out

It's been another of those rough weeks. As a result I've done no sewing at all in recent days. Last week I was playing around with stick blocks.

Then I read about Victoria's challenge over on the 15 Minutes of Play blog to make two blocks using only dots, stripes, and plaids. I found an old bit of strata that happened to be mostly dots and stripes and a big ole plaid. So I played around with that a bit until I had these two blocks:

Sent those off to V~ and haven't sewn since. I haven't even been back to see what V~ is doing with the blocks. But I did get some grandbaby time over the weekend. :- )

Unfortunately I still don't feel well enough to get back to sewing. On the other hand, I only have a few more days if I want to complete any February challenges by the end of the month!


  1. Oh my gosh those are adorable..the girls, the sticks, the crazy blocks, you. I just love it when a baby has one shoe on and one shoe off...too darn cute. Feel better soon, sweet Sue.

  2. Oh, how fast they grow!

    Be gentle with yourself - February's challenges can be done in March (the earth will not stop spinning) . . .

    LOVE that plaid-stripes-dots project!

    Hope you feel better again soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well again. I hope it passes soon.

    Love the baby pix, and all the quilt-y projects. They all look good. I'm really intrigued with the stick blocks, and someday I'll get around to doing some! The stripes/dot/plaid blocks are wonderful fun!

    Be kind to yourself. Julie's right - March will work just as well as Feb - and it's longer too!

  4. Sorry to read you're not 100% Don't worry about it and just chill. I've had to stop my Challenge as it was stressing me out too much so know how you are feeling.

    Love those dotty blocks and the baby pics.

  5. don't worry! feel better! there plenty of time to do stuff... your polka dot blocks are very very cute! love that teal color in them... oh so sweet grandbaby!


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