Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Projects

I don't remember whether I showed Janet's Intuition block. I've had it on my design wall for probably close to a week (or maybe even longer) but haven't really given it a lot of attention. The oranges are really popping in the photograph. They aren't quite that bright in person.

She left some bits untrimmed to give me freedom to do whatever felt appropriate. It just so happened that I still had an intuitive block of my own on the wall. Just for kicks I tried it next to Janet's block:

It's amazing to me how well they blend together. so then I tried it another way:

I quite like that too! At this point I have no idea whether I'll go with either of these or whether I'll do something else altogether. I have another screaming headache this morning (when will this ever end????!) so I expect to do nothing more strenuous than sewing half square triangles together. This is the plan for Son-In-Law's quilt:

After I cut a pile of light and dark triangles I thought it might be wise to at least sketch out the quilt plan to see whether I had enough or too much of either of the colors. I have enough; how the distribution of prints falls out remains to be seen. I'll probably stick to the green and purple bands as I have them colored in the drawing.

Another irony is that this is precisely the type of quilt I avoided making in my early days of quiltmaking. The patches are huge by my standards (the half square triangle blocks will finish at six inches) and the piecing will border on boring. Fortunately I need boring right now. And even if my head weren't such an issue it would be easier to pay attention to what's going on in Egypt and the rest of the world while sewing and not be concerned about making a stupid mistake.


  1. Love your intuition blocks! They are really lively and fun. Hope you can handle sewing triangles with your headache.

  2. I feel for you on the headache, I know, I get them too... go rest up, the traingles can wait... Love your FUN FUN FUN intuition start with Janet!

  3. what a riot of color! great fun.

  4. Those two intuition blocks kick some serious you-know-what!

    Best wishes on the headache and the HST project. Despite my love of wonky, scrappy, liberated work, there are times when simple, straightforward, and somewhat symmetrical are comforting and soothing. I hope this is the case for you!

  5. I stumbled upon your page and I just love your work!!! I am your new follower :) Please follow me too


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