Friday, February 25, 2011

Stitching Report

And now for those less interested in our wintery weather, here's the Stitching Report. ;- )

I'd had an idea early in the month to make my bead journal piece for February with a red foundation and maybe try to incorporate June's Creativity Challenge theme of "Love" by working on the theme of Puppy Love. I have some dog buttons and charms and since I don't seem to be able to live without a dog in the family it seemed appropriate. I got out my doggy themed embellishments and went through my stack of red cottons... but nothing seemed to click. I put it all away again and tried not to stress over the fact that I wasn't sewing anything.

What I tend to do when I'm not sewing is to read or write, as in writing about why I'm not sewing. Sometimes I do jigsaw puzzles but right now there isn't a good place to leave one out. Parts of this little house are in a state of transition and my husband is working long hours so things are not progressing as quickly as I might like. Anyway...

On a whim I got out a piece of fabric printed with text. Then I looked to see what embellishments I might have that would carry out the theme of reading or writing. I have words on charms, and letter beads with which I could make words, but I didn't want a specific word or thought to prevail. I did find a pencil button (a couple of them actually). Well, what else could I use? Maybe a hand to hold the pencil?

I have a small collection of hand charms. Some of them are whole arms, for making small dolls. I had one arm milagro in the bunch too.

Then I thought of my head and face charms. I didn't have great expectations but one did seem to stand out as a possibility.

I placed the pencil, the arm, and the face on my foundation. Even though it felt like it needed something more I stitched them in place. Yesterday I looked deeper in my stash and came up with a book charm. That seemed to fill out the composition nicely.

I'm thinking the only real beadwork I do for this BJP is going to be confined to a technique that will create hair for the head. Any more than that and I will lose the effect of the background print.

I just have to figure out what technique and what color(s) to use...


  1. Oh...I just checked in to see what you did with your great spots, plaids & stripes blocks and see that you DID send them off to V...I was hoping to see them grow into a great quilt (well, expect they will, but not yours!)Why not make more? You can do something fabulous with them!!

  2. You have a nice little composition here. A little embellishment will pull it all together.


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