Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Got Off Easy

While the poor souls east of the Mississippi were being deluged by rain we were having our own weather issues here on the soggy North Left Coast. Not rain so much, but wind. Our arborvitae hedge looked like the individual bushes were doing the Hokey Pokey, putting their heads in the yard and then out again. I had planned to finally put the binding on the birthday quilt so I could then have some quiet hours hand sewing the binding down.

That plan was aborted when the power went out. Instead I pulled out the foundations for the two BJP ornaments that have lain dormant while I put together that scrappy quilt top. It was the ornament for March that had the strongest pull.

This is the one that was inspired by Anthony Williams' (a Season 7 Project Runway contestant) comment that you don't have to have a crown to be a queen. Most of us queens do like to have hair however...

Now I have to figure out what else to do. You can see I'm auditioning some sequin pieces that could become a dress front. Since our power has been restored I will probably set this aside again and take care of that binding. The last thing I want is for the quilt to be late to the party!

In the spirit of International Star Wars Day let me sign off by saying, "May the 4th be with you!"


  1. i don't usually comment on quilting fabric but i just adore that fabric you have on the left side above. i hope you're going to use it in a way that one can see good size pieces of it? maybe i'm just in a fantasy mood today!
    cheers, k.

  2. I really like the beaded hair that you've added to the queen's head. It almost looks like she already has a bit of a tiara thing happening with those lovely pearl and silver flower beads.

    Wasn't Anthony fun to watch on PR? He definitely was a happy person on that show.

  3. those beaded things are so cute. I keep promising myself that I'll so some beading, but haven't gotten myself organized


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