Monday, May 24, 2010

The Magic's Back

It's a Monday morning. On this particular Monday morning the sun is shining, my flowers are blooming, and my magic is back. :- )

Yesterday when I made the rounds of the blogs I check in on regularly I learned from Michele that BumbleBeans is at it again, spearheading an effort to provide quilts for families in need in the New York City area. She has most recently urged quilters to make and donate house blocks that will be made into quilts. The need is so great that now she's inviting us to make whole quilts. I did not participate in the block gather but when I read about this effort I immediately thought of my overflowing box of orphan blocks. The next thing I knew I had this on my design wall:

Before I went to bed it looked more like this:

I framed up or combined smaller blocks to make an additional seven blocks. My goal is to make a 60" x 84" quilt. I can get the width on my wall here but I'll have to work on the upper half, move that out of the way and then work on the bottom rows. It's amazing what a difference there is already in my box of orphan blocks. The lid fits back on for one thing. ;- )

I'm going to try to keep this simple. No fancy liberated piecing (is that an oxymoron or what?!). I have plans for a 6" Bow Tie border across the top and the bottom of the quilt to get the length. We'll see whether that pans out or not. In the meantime, I have to make at least a dozen more blocks to fill in the gaps. The real challenge will be in getting this project quilted. I'm not sure my favorite long-arm quilter will have time for a charity quilt and I'm not sure I'll be up to tackling it myself. But, as usual, I'm putting the cart before the horse. First I need to go make some more blocks...

Look for the house block badge on my side bar. If you click on it you will be taken to the page that gives you the details about this project. Feel free to play along!


  1. Wonderful, Sue! Boy, when the magic comes you move like the wind!

  2. Isn't the magic more than wonderful! It looks great!

  3. You're sending more to V than you thought.

    Quilts 4 Leukaemia are sending her a quilt and some of the blocks are going to be yours!

  4. What a GREAT way to capture the magic and share it with others!

  5. lovely pansies. I've been knitting kid's sweaters for the homeless and needy lately. That's good work on your quilt!

  6. You are TOO cool! I love that you have orphan blocks lying around that you can whip into something new on a moment's notice. very very cool!


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