Sunday, May 16, 2010

Almost Like Mother's Day All Over Again!

DD stopped by again yesterday with all four of the granddaughters. This time she came bearing gifts as well as children. The charms she had ordered for my charm bracelet in honor of the birth of the twins had not arrived in time for presentation on Mother's Day so she gave them to me yesterday. But I almost like the gift wrap they came in better:

It's a good size tote bag with the photograph of the twins sharing their binkie printed on it!

And look how it's inscribed: "Twins Share Everything." (sorry about the watermark getting in the way) Is that perfect or what?! I only wish I'd had it with me on Thursday when I was taking a couple of quilts to my little artist's group meeting for show and tell!

I was delighted to be able to reciprocate by presenting the girls with this fabric book I sewed up from a pre-printed panel.

It's a heavily abridged version of the story but the illustrations are as charming as ever. I used a layer of Warm & Natural between the pages. Just for grins I quilted around the illustrations using the decorative leaf stitch that's on my Pfaff. It worked out beautifully, on both sides of the pages.

Then I thought, what the heck, and used three rows of that same stitch up the middle to create a wider, flatter spine than a single row of straight stitches would have done. I don't know how well you'll be able to see the stitching but I photographed it for you anyway:

I like the way it turned out. The best part was that I had it all ready for them when they showed up yesterday afternoon and was able to sit with the oldest granddaughter and read it to her. {happy sigh} :- )


  1. sounds like it was a lovely day for everyone, thanks for sharing...k.

  2. What a wonderful gift, and are those two just adorable or what? By the way, I didn't get the chance to comment the other day while I was looking at the B'day quilt, but it turned out GORGEOUS...just like everything you do...I am (again) so impressed!

  3. Love the bag...but on my gosh! those twins sharing a binkie!!! Unbelievably adorable! Great little soft book, too. What fun all the way around!!

  4. Her gifts and yours were all terrific as was reading the book to one of the older child. It's hard for a small one to not be jealous of a new baby much less two of them so I'm sure that little bit of attention was needed.


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