Monday, May 10, 2010

(it was a) Happy Mother's Day!

I think yesterday was the best Mother's Day I've ever had. Woohoo!

On Saturday my DH brought me flowers and chocolate and an unexpected gift:

Yes, it's a lint roller. The scrappy Trip Around the World quilt left a lot of threads on my flannel design wall. When I went to clean them off I found my lint roller had just about dried up and wasn't being effective at all. Since it was a discount unit and had been around a few years I wasn't really surprised. What did surprise me was that DH took note of my comment and bought me a replacement! A nice big one too.

I'm going to have to make my own "bouquet" out of the flowers he brought me.

I absolutely adore all pansy-like flowers and he brought me a nice variety. The only problem is that they're nothing but slug bait around here.

My plan is to find a lovely container and keep them on the deck. The distance and the wood ought to make it harder for the slugs to get to them.

I'll be better able to see and enjoy them too.

On Sunday DD brought her four daughters over. That was probably the best gift of the day. Later in the evening my son who lives out of state called and we had a good visit. {happy sigh} What could be better?

I hope my readers who are mothers had just as satisfying a Mother's Day as I had. :- )


  1. sounds like a nice Mom's day for you, even with an unusual gift. The pansies are pretty too, we have them just the same here and they do well in pots on the deck...k.

  2. We have lint rollers tucked in various places around the house - they work on chair seats and pants legs and auto cushions and design walls (of course). They also work to pick up the fuzzy bits that fall out of the front of the dryer's lint filter onto a freshly vacuumed floor!

    Like you, I had a family-filled Mother's Day (the very best kind).

    Pretty pansies!

  3. Lovely news, flowers, grandbabies, and lint roller! It's all good and so good to hear !

  4. Sounds like a perfect to me Sue, and I adore your flowers. My favorites also *VBS* Have you tried the saucers of beer to bait the slugs? Works here in WI, not sure about in OR and WA. I've also heard of using regular glass beer bottles, laid on their side with just a small amount of beer in the side that's down. Supposedly they drink the beer and get get back up the slope to the neck of the bottle. Sounds good at least. Sending big hugs, Finn

  5. I love pansies, too. Lovely flowers


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