Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Treasures

Had to go out for groceries yesterday and I was feeling so good I decided to make a trip into the thrift shop as well. I found a couple of books, some gently used toys for the grandchildren to play with when they're here, and this delightful teacup:

No saucer, just the cup. And there was only the one. I love the parrot on it. The cup has been well used; the imagery is partly worn away on the other side. I've thought about making it into a pincushion but I doubt that will ever happen. Right now I'm just using it to hold a couple of small bags of beads I have separated from the rest of my stash for the time being.

Further progress has been made on my "Celebrate" ornament:

Here's a close up of the most recently embellished discs:

Double clicking on the photos should enlarge them for you. The millefiori disc on the left was surrounded by size 11 seed beads in Robin's "Wildflowers" technique. The disc on the right is surrounded by short bugle bead stacks topped with a tiny 5 petal flower sequin and seed bead. The sequin is the red color you see. I was amazed at how indistinct they became as I worked my way around the disc.

I want to get this finished as quickly as possible because I'm getting antsy about my commitment to make a birthday quilt for a little girl in May. The trouble is that I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to want to start on my March ornament as soon as I have this one finished!


  1. The teacup was a great find. I love having things I really like put to practical use, like holding beads. So much better than a typical craft tin!

  2. Sue, I had to share this link with you when I saw the tea cup...

    EVENTUALLY....I am going to get around to doing something like those...thought you'd enjoy them too!


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