Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Quilts?

While we were waiting for the twins to come into the world I played around with my 1930's repro prints. I had a few blocks I'd made many, many years ago that hadn't made it into a quilt yet and I'd been reading Gwen's latest liberated quiltmaking book. So some of the blocks are precision pieced and some are more liberated.

Sharon over at Indigo Threads tried out the liberated windmill blocks and had the same experience I did. Eyeballing the cut that creates the blades of the windmill doesn't automatically make the blocks look wonky. It helps when you make the block big enough to trim it down to another size. Then you can cut the whole block on an angle.

I also had the experience of some of my blades turning out looking rather fat and clunky. More so than Sharon's I think. Oh well. That's what makes them wonky!

I'm planning to sew this batch of blocks together and making it the center medallion for a quilt:

I was originally thinking a toddler size quilt, using up as much of my Depression-era repro prints as possible. One of the gals in our local quilt guild is putting together another box of preemie quilts though, and I could easily turn these blocks into a quilt that size in no time. So we'll see what happens. To be honest, I'm already bored with these fabrics. I don't know why, they're lively enough. They're just not me I guess. Another hazard is that it's a new month and I want to make a new ornament for the Bead Journal Project. I'm in the mood to play with beads more than fabric at the moment. So it may be a little bit before I do more than whip up a preemie quilt or two.


  1. I think your fabric choices are perfect for a baby quilt. I have not tried making blocks using the method you decribed, but I can see where they would be lots of fun.

  2. It's hard to work on one project when your mind is constantly distracted by another. I really like the medallion you put together with these blocks, but it looks like you'll be happier getting the beads out. Enjoy your playtime.

  3. I really like the look of the skinnier fan blades - and also the potential preemie quilt - but with the gloom of this weather continuing, beads would be nice - preferably brightly colored ones.

  4. I LOVE your wonky windmills! I don't think they look clunky at all. It's all looking good!


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