Monday, February 15, 2010


I couldn't let the string of holidays and celebrations we're in the midst of go by without marking it somehow. Here in the USA we've had the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, then there were the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. Canada, then the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, today is Presidents Day, and Mardi Gras is tomorrow. Whew!

While I may not make specific references to any of the observances I've listed above my intention is to make another beaded ornament, one that looks like a party. I want to use saturated colors and do lots of textural beading. I'm hoping this will give me an opportunity to re-connect with my inner child and give her a chance to play. I've been told more than once that I take things too seriously. Hopefully this will be an antidote to that! And maybe it will be something I can work in inbetween Olympic events. :- )

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