Friday, November 6, 2009

Tying One On

If only! The only thing I've been tying is this quilt.

And now that I've got it done I'm not sure I like the dark ties. They sort of look like flies on the surface of the quilt to me.

There are so many different colors in this quilt that I had a hard time even deciding on the dark blue that I used. Now I'm wondering whether I'll have to take out half of the ties and replace them with something lighter in order to be happy with the final product. {sigh}

I will probably go ahead and bind the quilt and live with it for a while. If I the ties continue to bother me I can replace them a little at a time. That's one of the benefits of tying vs quilting!

In the meantime I have also been playing around with the leftovers from my Hope Squared Project quilt.

This will very likely become a preemie quilt. I had toyed with the idea of making a Priority Quilt out of the fussy-cut house patch but I can use more of the leftover flannel bits in a preemie quilt. I doubt the 4Patches are going to stay on the right side of the top. I'm thinking I will take them apart or make others so that I can have a single row of squares going down both sides. The interior may simply get filled in with strips and pieces. I've got to get finished with this batch of fabrics and get started on the new quilt for DGD#2 so it will be ready for her at Christmas. With all the rain and gray skies we've had lately I need to play with the bright colors that are going into her quilt!


  1. The ties look fine in the photos, but photos don't always give the same feel as real life. You're probably wise to live with it a little and see how you feel about it.

  2. So, does it have a name yet? How about calling it 'Shoo Fly Pie' and just enjoying it...slice by slice of fun ;)

  3. I like the ties, if that's any consolation.

  4. Maybe the ties will grow on you with time. They look nice to me.


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