Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I finally felt able to spend some time at the sewing machine yesterday. Actually, I think the getting up and down to go to the ironing board to press seams may have been good for my back. It kept me from sitting in one position for too long. All I did was some mindless piecing of scraps. Not really Mile-A-Minute, just crumb piecing. It felt like it took forever to produce these 8 "blocks."

These are all at least 5" in either direction. I haven't decided yet whether I want to make them bigger or trim them down to the same size. I wanted to see whether I could live with monochromatic piecing. Half way through I had to stop and make a couple of birds:

Maybe that's why the blocks took so long!

If you haven't ordered your Iraqi Bundle of Love from Sew, Mama, Sew it's too late. They're all gone. My box is still patiently waiting to be taken to the Post Office. Since I have other unavoidable errands to run today I'll take one of the sons with me and have him do the dirty deed. I'm likely to come home ill anyway but I don't want to be any sicker than I have to be!


  1. There's a sign at our USPS office that they will pick up priority mail boxes ... maybe it would be worth a phone call? Not sure if it applies when a customs form is involved or not, but maybe, just maybe!

    LOVE your birds (and your blocks)

  2. Your blocks look great! Those can take a long time to make - I have to really be in the mood to do it.

    I like the monochromatic look you did, but don't know if I could stand to sew it myself. Boredom sets in quickly around here!

  3. I love your birds, Sue! Lovin' all the IBOL posts, and am tickled to see you sporting the button I made!

    Sew happy day!


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