Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good Help is Hard to Find

I had planned to get back here before this but have had unexpected interruptions. Ain't that always the way? Not that there's a lot to report...

The new dishwasher doesn't seem to be bothering me. Hurray! We have discovered a slight problem however. The control panel sticks out far enough that we can't open the drawer in the base cabinet that butts up against the cabinet that houses the dishwasher. (The drawer is in the corner of the right angle formed by the two cabinets.) You have to open the dishwasher door to get the drawer open. We're hoping the technician can just bump the dishwasher further into its' cabinet to eliminate the problem. We'll find out on Tuesday.

I did manage to finish up the Priority Quilt:

Then I had to go to the store to get an envelope to ship it in. I thought I had one on hand but it turned out to be too small. Once I finally got the quilt into the envelope it took me three days to get someone from this house to take it to the Post Office for me! As close as we are to the Post Office you wouldn't think it would be such a chore. {sheesh!} But after suffering the trip to the store I wasn't about to take on the Post Office.

This is what I ended up doing along the bottom edge of the quilt:

I have been playing with a couple of ideas for new projects since finishing this little quilt. It's too early to say anything about either of them yet. One or neither may see the light of day. Only time will tell.

I have to confess to setting myself up for further distraction too. While I was at the store I came across this and had to buy a copy:
So far I'm thoroughly enjoying it. :- )


  1. Your Priority Quilt is gorgeous! The colors are beautiful and your accents really make it pop. Nice job!

  2. A great quilt, indeed! Fabulous combination of both fabrics and colors! Now I've heard of this book but never seen the cover...oh my ;) I'll have to check it out for sure now, you've piqued my curiosity for sure!

  3. I love the heart quilt. don't know if I'm ready for a take-off on Jane A.

  4. The heart quilt is really nice. I love it's bright cheerful outlook.

    Glad your dishwasher isn't bothering you except for the drawer thing that is.


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