Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hooray! Hooray!

The political ads end today! (And yes, I voted.)

That little couplet was on a reader board somewhere in our area. I saw it on our local news broadcast and looked all over to try to find the still photo but had no luck. The only downside to the end of the political advertising is that now we'll be inundated with ads for pharmaceuticals again. {sigh}

I've finally done some actual sewing. The scraps on my work surfaces have been reduced by 75% or so. There are still the leftover pieces from the Fungly quilt to deal with but I haven't been able to decide what to do with them yet.

These will probably go into my orphan block tub:

This may become another donation quilt for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative:

I'm glad I got as much done as I did yesterday because today I have been recovering from my trip to the food co-op yesterday afternoon. I was assaulted by perfume on another shopper and the exhaust fumes of an old VW van that was burning oil. We have a lovely little food co-op but I don't really enjoy shopping for the few foods I can still eat. (I don't enjoy cooking at all.) It's even more discouraging to go shopping for boring stuff and be made sick in the process.


  1. So glad to hear you're contemplating another PQ or two... lovely orphan blocks to play with!

    So sorry you're feeling poorly - one of the women I work with has perfume issues so none of us wear any when we'll be anywhere near.

  2. Wow, you have been busy! I can't believe how much quilting you get done.

    Oh those allergies. I think I am allergic to some of Avon's face cream. It felt so good on my skin here in the desert but after about 6 months use, just at the end of a bottle of it I had one eyelid swell up with water and the corners of my mouth and eyes cracked. Well, at the cost of the stuff I waited till it had a good sale price so went without it for several months. I used it for two days just recently and my whole face swelled up. Itches like crazy and it's hard to see when your eyelids are full of liquid. I've taken allergy medicine and washed it off well and am finally getting back to normal 4 days later. Guess I have to write to Avon. I'm not normally sensitive to stuff like you and my sister. One perfume which I used to wear Anais Anais and that's about it. I sure feel for you being so sensitive to so much!!

  3. It's rough when going out to shop for food, which is supposed to nourish you and make you healthy, ends up getting you sick. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, too, and I procrastinate going into town until the cupboard is just about bare! It's a given that the day after shopping day will be a bust. Hang in there!

    Freebird, you might be interested in knowing that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is not an allergy. We don't usually have reactions like you had to the lotion (swelling and so forth), which are classic allergy symptoms. Some people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity may indeed also have allergies, but MCS reactions are actually consistent with poisoning, albeit from low levels of toxic synthetic chemicals in the environment (like synthetic perfume).


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