Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wear A Raincoat Santa!

So, the closer we get to Christmas the wetter it gets around here. Typical. Santa needs to don his waterproof poncho before heading over the Pacific Northwest! (This block is "Waterwheel" by the way.)

I figured I'd better take a couple of minutes to do a post before these two arrive 'cause I'll be busy doing other things once they get here!

The fun thing is that I happen to have a Christmas stocking that Baby Susan can use this year. One of her aunts has been making stockings for every new member of the family as they are added in. This year she finds herself very pregnant, due a few weeks after the holidays, and has taken a pass. Understandable! My mother was a knitter and made a Christmas stocking for each of her four children. Mine was the first, done in real wool. Some time ago we noticed that it had been chewed on by a moth or two. By that time she was knitting stockings - from the same pattern - for her sons-in-law and grandchildren so she replaced my wool stocking with one made of acrylic yarns. Obviously I kept the original stocking, and now I'm glad I did! (The wool stocking is the one on the left.)

The pillow was a gift from the quilt guild gift exchange a couple of years ago. It's hand embroidered with all sorts of seasonal words and images. I love it!

And, just to make it official, here's our tree:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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