Monday, December 31, 2007

The Final Bead Round Robin Block

I mentioned that I had received the last two blocks from the Bead Round Robin shortly before Christmas. The first one is back with its' owner now. I added some buttons and beads to it but neglected to get pictures before sending it off. I've done better with the second one! Here it is as I received it:

And this is how it looks now:

I have to admit that I had a lot of fun shopping for beads for this one. I bought pink coral pieces, blue glass diamonds that glow in the dark, some pink flower beads I didn't use and purple flowers I did use. There were two other tubes of purple beads I ended up not using but that's okay, I'll use them eventually. I wanted to put a mermaid on the block, maybe to fill the empty space right in the middle, but I was afraid to try a big motif. When I saw that mermaid charm I had to have it!

The mossing of the beads to create a grotto for the mermaid's swing to hang from didn't develop quite the way I had imagined it would but I'm happy with the results. A couple of pieces of the coral broke while I was working with it. Some of the holes were too small for the straw needle I was using.

I turned the blue gow-in-the-dark beads into the bodies of a pair of fish:

Give me the opportunity to be whimsical and I'm good to go! I could easily do more to this block but I'm going to send it on its' way so the owner can finish it up in a way that suits her.


  1. glow in the dark beads? way cool. Love those fish.

  2. I love the beading on this and those glow in the dark fish are way too cool! Here's hoping your new year brings you much love, joy and plenty of reaction free days!

  3. Sue,

    That looks great! Love the mermaid. Where did you find the glow in the dark beads?

    Momma See

  4. Hi. I found you through a quilting link. I am a quilter too. I love the beaded embellishments, especially the fish. They are so cute & clever too! Ihave had 2 friends wil the same type of disabity due to chemicals. One is now healed. The other one still suffers with it. Great that you have creative things to do! Rhondi

  5. wow! I love that purple and green combination -- it knocks your sock off!


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