Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Feet Are Still Dry

If you live in the US and watch the news at all you are probably aware of the storm that has done so much damage here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm happy to report that we have escaped the brunt of the storm. We live very close to a major river. It crested this afternoon, well below flood stage. What amazes me is that a 20 mile stretch of I-5 had to be closed. At one point I understand it was under 10 feet of water! This is a crucial piece of road that runs between Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Of course all of the lesser roads are also flooded and no one can get anywhere. Whole communities are stranded and isolated. These rural communities have no power, will not have power restored for up to 8 days, and they're running out of fuel for their generators. They can't get out, fuel can't get in, and the temperatures are dropping again. And then there will be the clean up. Houses have been filled to their roof lines with muddy water. I feel so bad for these folks. I am more committed than ever to using the things I love so that I can enjoy them while I have them. We never know when our lives are going to be turned upside down or our cherished possessions taken away from us in one way or another.

On a happier note, I did engage in some retail therapy yesterday. Went out to babysit for DD. On the way out I stopped in one shop and on the way home I stopped in another. Between the two I collected a palette of fabrics for a less-than-traditional holiday quilt:

(The yellow print is little bananas!)

Whether this quilt gets made this year or not remains to be seen. I'm very tempted to join Tonya's Winter Class and at least get it started for next year's holiday season. I'm just not sure where to start...


  1. I love the fabrics - very fun together. little huts, bananas and christmas - marvelous.

    just to get you started and taking a hint from your top block:

    make HO HO Ho. make some freepieced huts and if you're really ambitious some palm trees.

    eek on the storm. sounds horrible and I feel so sorry for those people.

  2. Hey Sue, linked to you in today's post at the Train Blog....*VBS*
    Thanks for sending me the link to Bemused.
    Any chance you have any of the Ho Ho Ho fabric scraps to share? Trade ya! Hugs, Finn

  3. I love those fabrics you chose for your retail therapy! Whatever you decide to do -- it's going to be fun!

    Glad to hear you are warm and dry -- my grandmother lives on the coast and is, luckily, dry as well!


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