Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Scrap Happy in June

 I don't have much to show for Scrap Happy Day. There was one block that didn't get used in the wedding quilt. It will go into the Parts Department for future use. There are probably plenty of Scrappy Trips blocks for a quilt top in inventory. I just have to recruit the energy to see which ones will play well together. While I was assembling the wedding quilt top I managed to get two Shoo-fly blocks sewn up out of scraps. By the way, the wedding quilt has been quilted and bound. I'll have to share it with you in the next post. 😊

My Scrappy Trips blocks finish at 15" and the Shoo-fly blocks will be 6" finished.

However, I have managed to make a couple of blocks for the current block drive for Covered in Love, completely out of my scrap patches.

These will make for truly interesting quilts. The idea is to use black patches through the center of each block and then graduate from the darkest shades of one color to white in the opposite corners. I had a bit of a struggle finding patches that made a gentle transition from white to the light value of any one color. I don't do pastels in general. Otherwise I might have made more of these!

You can see what everyone else has been doing with their scrap materials by clicking on the links below. Kate and Gun are the hostesses for this blog hop. If you'd like to be included in the future - we post on the 15th of each month in our respective time zones - just leave a comment on either of their blogs while you're there. 

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  1. Those Trip Around the World blocks with the black diagonal are remarkably impactful. The secondary patterns they'd make would make a really beautiful quilt, so I hope you're able to scrounge together the paler fabrics you'd need to make more!


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