Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Sketchbook Project and Wm. Morris Updates

 Fire damage to The Sketchbook Project collection hasn't been as extensive as first thought but it's still bad. Books have been damaged by smoke and water as well as flames. So far I haven't learned what caused the fire. Some books will be irretrievable, others can be salvaged. The new library space in St. Pete has begun to take shape. Undamaged books are going onto shelves. Apparently the whole of the Tiny Sketchbook collection was safe (that's two year's worth of submissions I think). Those unloading boxes and assessing damage are wearing N95 masks to protect themselves from mold and smoke as much as anything else.

No photo description available.


No photo description available.

  The GoFundMe drive has raised about 2/3 of the monies needed to get The Sketchbook Project back on its' feet in Florida. Every little bit helps. 😊

Meanwhile, the quilt top featuring the William Morris style prints has been completed.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Hopefully the intended recipient will be too! 

I sashed and bordered the blocks with a blue+green Fossil Fern print.The top finished up at about 66" square.

 I took the easy road out and purchased a creamy extra-wide print for the back. 😁 

I've also purchased a new rotary cutter. Actually, I bought two but the first one didn't work out. I've returned to an Olfa cutter that has a slightly plump handle. Turns out you can wear out your rotary cutter, not just the blade - who knew?! The washer mechanism had so much slop in it that I couldn't tighten the blade adequately anymore. I'm having a much easier time cutting strips and patches now. Still have to pace myself to keep from aggravating the tendonitis in my left elbow and the carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and forearm but it's progress. As long as I stay out of toxic fumes I'm a much happier camper these days.


  1. I have an Olfa 45mm with a curved handle and a button that can lock the blade in or out,( surprising how much fluff collects under the washer when I change a blade) and a smaller 28mm Fiskars with a straight handle. Your blocks with that sashing are truly beautiful, a wide backing is a bonus. Carpal tunnel syndrome, huge pain, can you wear a splint that might help?

  2. Have you tried the Martelli ergonomic cutter? I had to give up the Olfa because it caused me too much pain. The Martelli has been a godsend.

  3. That William Morris quilt is so elegant! Beautiful work... I'm glad you're finding solutions to the painful aspect of the work, as I've missed seeing you post about your quilts!

  4. How sad to hear about the sketchbook collection - so much history lost :( Glad it wasn't as bad as first thought. I just love how the sashing you added to the blocks - it really is a gorgeous quilt! Hang in there with your pain... xx


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