Thursday, October 28, 2021

Small Finishes

 Apparently the potholders I made for family members almost 20 years ago need to be replaced. It's good to know they've been used and have held up for so long! It was my SIL who made the first request. I whipped up a pair for her last month or so and sent them off. It doesn't appear that I took pictures of them however. It was that effort that prompted me to make potholders for the fundraising auction for the Disabled Artists Foundation in November. Just this morning our daughter told the tale of her set of potholders. Still in use, but crusty and stained from use. So I made a new set for her:

She's still a fan of frogs, just as she was 18 years ago when I made the first pair for her. 

 I think my first efforts were foundation pieced onto batting, and typically crazy patch. Now I find it easier to just cut the strips to piece the top. There's a piece of batting under the front and the whole cloth back, and one layer of the heat reflective material in the very middle. I used a decorative stitch to secure the layers this time. Not pristine, but sturdy. The pseudo feather stitch fills the white space better than simple straight stitching would have done. 

The other small finish I have to share is another needlepoint coin/credit card case.

 This one began as a blank canvas and the patterning is my own design. I truly thought I'd found the center point accurately before I began stitching. Oh well, can't win 'em all!


  1. Love the pot holders, and with frogs, the perfect way to show the fabric off right there.

  2. I LOVE those froggy potholders! The colours are gorgeous and I bet she was totally thrilled with them.

  3. Sue, you do absolutely amazing work!!

  4. Love the Xmas ones I got from the DAFi Auction.
    Was here looking for more:-)). Gail, FAVAof4

    1. You should have one of my cards with the set of potholders you won in the auction. My email address is on there. Feel free to email me!


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