Thursday, October 21, 2021

Four Plus One

After the interruption on Scrap Happy Day I managed to create parts for four sets of potholders.

Here they are a few days later...



Christmas Pigs and Gnomes



And a fifth set!


 These are on their way to the Disabled Artists Foundation Inc. (dAFi) for the November fundraising auction. The auctions are held online, via YouTube, on the second Saturday of each month. The proceeds make it possible to send art making supplies to folks who benefit from creative endeavors but are not able to purchase supplies for themselves. Some of the artists make and donate items back to the organization for future fund raising. It feels good to be able to make things that benefit others one way or another. 😊

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  1. These are so lovely! I have to say, the puppies are probably my favourite, but I'd be thrilled if someone gave me any of them, so I think they'll be very popular in the online auction. Well done on supporting such a good cause, too.


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