Wednesday, October 21, 2020


I was humming right along on my Return of the Swans quilt top. Got all the blocks sewn into a flimsy:

There were enough flying geese units for an additional half row along the bottom, making it 60" wide x 78" long. I bought another lime green batik to use for borders so this could be an official twin size quilt. That's when the distractions occurred. First it was a couple of days of a near-migraine, some of it caused by toxins encountered when I went shopping. So this quilt top is still waiting for its' borders. 

The other distraction is much happier. 😁Our newest granddaughter was born after her mother waited an extra week and had to be induced. Son sent a newborn photo and we've had a video call already, which thoroughly warmed this grandmother's heart. And then I started right in on an unplanned gift for the new addition. I've been watching Anne Brooke make her Sew4thesoulbook on YouTube but hadn't been motivated to join in. Suddenly after the baby was born I decided to make a little soft book for her using Anne's bookmaking technique.

Three layers of scrap batting about 4" high and 8.5" wide. I cut a pale yellow quilting cotton to cover the batting and pulled size 8 perle cottons to stitch simple shapes. The three layers were stitched down the center on the sewing machine but I intend to do everything else by hand.

The plan is to echo the shape on each page as much as I can but restrict the colors to one per page. I'll probably use at least a couple of shades of each color to add interest though. I started with the circle and the triangle in the photo above. The next two pages will be a square and an octagon. I meant for the octagon to be a hexagon but got carried away making my template. 😉

I wanted purple perle cotton for the octagon but didn't have any in my stash. The thread I started to use in it's place wasn't working out well so I took it out, as you may be able to tell. Since then I've ordered  new thread from an online vendor. The last two pages will feature a heart in red and some kind of inscription from me. I have no idea what I'll do for the cover yet. 

This is what I've stitched so far. Some chain stitches, some blanket stitches, a mess of Colonial knots, straight stitches to create the little triangles, and some outline stitching. I want texture as well as color. 

I wish my blanket stitch circle was a little rounder but I'm not taking anything out. I figure a perfect circle is a rare thing and the sooner she learns that the better off she'll be. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) 


  1. A phone call and a video one, perfect start to welcoming in a new baby. Love the book idea, and your stitching will be a legacy for a very long time, little fingers tracing the shapes. Congratulations and a heap of love.

  2. That quilt top is amazing - I just love that lime green and black colourway. I vaguely remember somebody - it might have been Kate - having lime green in their colour choices for the F2F swap one year. It's a stunning flimsy - what are your plans for it?
    As for the little baby book, it's just adorable and will be treasured for years to come I'm sure. Congratulations on your new grandaughter.

  3. Beautiful colors in your green quilt: I love lime green. The book for your granddaughter is so charming. How wonderful to make a child’s first book by hand.

  4. Congratulations Grandma! How lovely to have a new little one in your life. I can see her little hands on the book that was created specially for her.


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