Thursday, January 30, 2020

Bee, Myself & I in January

Bee, Myself & I was begun for the purpose of making time to work on something we want to do without the pressure of a deadline or pleasing anyone else's aesthetics. In recent months that has been needlepoint or embroidery for me. I still have needlepoint canvases that would fit the bill but this time around I decided to just keep working on the Parts Department Quilt I started for Scrap Happy Day. When last you saw it, it looked like this:

About 36" wide and 32" high. I decided to maintain the width while I added to the height. In the end I suspect this will be donated as a quilt for a child in Foster Care so the finished dimensions are flexible.

I found some strips that had been cut off the back of a previous quilt in preparation for binding application. There looked to be enough to use it for sashing to separate the horizontal rows I figured I'd be making. As it turned out, I was right!

I debated over whether to repeat the 6" Ship blocks above and below the sashing. The 8" stars looked better. I used scrap strips to space them evenly across the width. Another strip of sashing, and then the Ships again. First one end...

And then the other:

Now it's about 69" long/high. Unfortunately, it has also gained width due to my lack of attention. It's grown at least half an inch because I didn't cut the sashing strips to fit the width of the previous row of blocks. Oh well. This time I'm not going to stress over it. The next step will be to add a strip of sashing down each side. It will have to be a different print though as I've run out of that light blue-gray. After that I think I'm going to try to use some of my scrappy 6" Shoofly blocks down the sides. Then a whole cloth border of something to finish it off. At least, that's the plan. Of course, we all know what often happens to the best laid plans. 😉


  1. This quilt is definitely growing organically. If it does get donated to a child in foster care, they are going to be delighted with it.

  2. This one is just such fun - love watching the way you work.

  3. The sashing is a great way to add to the length, and more blocks for the width, what a delight this will be for a child.


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