Sunday, November 24, 2019

Second November SAL

I may be one of the last members of this SAL group to get my post up this time around. I have progress to share though! 

When last you saw this pillow cover I've been working on I believe it looked like this:

Now it looks like this!

I am very close to a happy dance for completion. 😀Of course, with Christmas coming up this project may fall by the wayside between now and our next check in on 15 December. There's binding to be applied to and then sewn down on a gift quilt that has to be shipped. That may end up being my hand sewing for the foreseeable future. 

Getting those tulips stitched made a big difference in how finished this looks.

Oh! I missed one of the gold stars!
Probably missed its' counter part on the other half of the pillow too...

My biggest challenge with this piece has been to choose colors for the various elements. The cover is printed in a variety of colors but I found that more confusing than helpful. A couple of them were merely lighter or darker shades of the same hue. Once all of one shade had been stitched it was hard for me to know what the lighter or darker version was meant to be. And I've made other color choices along the way, using my own preferences over the suggested hues. Of all the versions of this stamped pillow cover that are stitched mine will certainly be unique among them!

To see what the other members of this Stitch Along have been working on - we all work on our own projects, not the same thing across the board - you can click on their names below. If you'd like the motivation that comes from being gently held accountable you can leave a message with Avis. 😊


  1. it's lovely Sue ^^ Funny how we don't see any détails we'e forgotten until we take a photo lol.

  2. It looks so close to a finish, it would be fantastic if you could have it all stitched before Christmas :-) So pretty!

  3. Wow! You are so close to a finish. It looks lovely!

  4. Drum Roll!!! Love the stitching, and a finish in sight, you have been working at this so diligently,( love that word, and even more if it applied tome as well).

  5. Love your embroidery in the fabric book, btw. So pretty. And this is such a cute pattern as well. Beautiful stitching!

  6. Those little foxes look so alert and ready for any mischief that might come their way! It looks so close to completion ~ well done!

  7. It´s looking so good!!!!! Well done!

  8. Even foxier than before -- you're so close! It's lovely. :)

  9. It's amazing to me that you got both animals to have the same look on their faces. I doubt I could ever do that!


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