Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Eve and Her Fabric

This panel was given to me years ago by one of my sweet sisters-in-law. It's 12" square.

I have tried multiple times to do something with it. Long time readers may remember one or two of those efforts. Like this most recent one:

I always wanted to do something scrappy with/around it. The arrangement of my scrappy Shoo-fly blocks in the photo above didn't satisfy me enough to continue with that plan. All the other attempts failed too. So it got put away - again.

Lately I've been itching to do something with flying geese. I have geese for a version of the Remixed Geese pattern that are waiting to be assembled into a quilt top but I'm not ready for that struggle yet. I don't exactly remember the thought process that occurred but when I pulled out the Eve panel this time this is what happened:

Black flying geese laid horizontally highlighted the panel nicely. Then it seemed to need a dark frame.

That's just about all that's left of a print Quiltdivajulie shared with me. It's actually straighter than it looks in the picture.

The obvious next step was more geese.

I even got in a few scrappy Shoo-fly blocks. 😊And after that, another frame of black.

And thus it stands at the moment. It's only about 42" square though. I want it to be at least 60" in every direction. Guess it's time to make more geese!


  1. Well, yes, that looks perfect! Love it.

  2. I like it,and that size would be lovely on the wall.The panel is framed to show it off perfectly.

  3. That's just right - it doesn't get lost in amongst all those colours as it did in the shoo fly quilt.
    I think it would make an excellent wall hanging.

  4. It's the start of a perfect medallion quilt. Just a thought, but how would it be to add a row of Eve blocks around the outside (http://prairiequilt.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Block1Eve.pdf)

  5. The colours are just perfect. They allow Eve to shine without overpowering her. It's going to be a really interesting quilt. Isn't it interesting how we just know when the right time is?

  6. It's really fun to see how that grew, and to see that it finally found its purpose in life.


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