Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Piecing and Stitching

Just a quick update on a couple of current projects.

For what is most likely to become a medallion quilt, more flying geese:

I have enough to go all the way around, I just have to make some decisions about which geese go where. I made an effort to use up a couple of the prints I'd used in the first round of geese. I succeeded in using up two of the yellow background fabrics. Now it's a question of achieving some kind of balance among prints and values. There may be a couple new Shoo-fly blocks for cornerstones too.

The other project is my fabric book for the Stitch at Home Challenge for the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. This is one of those stretching projects we undertake from time to time. I know what I want to do, basically what I want it to look like, I just don't have confidence in my ability to pull it off. I'm sure whatever I manage to do will be fine. It's a matter of overcoming my Perfectionist tendencies.

I have these "pages" set up for the eventual book.

My plan is to embellish most of the pages, but maybe not every single one. Each page will represent the type of emotions or discoveries I've experienced through writing three pages in a spiral bound notebook every morning.  This is the page I embroidered today. (It has not been pressed yet.)

I back stitched over two of the words already on the fabric (adding my own exclamation mark) and then free handed the flowers and leaves. They are not meant to be any specific variety, just an indicator of happiness.

I don't want this project to get lost among the other projects I have going or to be sidelined by Christmas so I'm going to try to do at least a page a week. Y'all can help keep me accountable. 😉


  1. Love the quilt so far, those soft shades are perfect together, this would be a true keeper in my home. And the other projects, good to have a choice for those days when winter weather keeps you inside.

  2. Both great projects and very different from each other so you won't get bored.

  3. Eve's Medallion is looking super! I'm loving the pale yellow and black colour combination and the flying geese are really elegant

  4. Hello, I like your flying geese quilt project, just was thinking that I would have added a row or border of applique wines and flowers, something like carriage rose in deep green/black and burgundy red. And if a square is not desirable, it could be added just on top and bottom and that would make it rectangular. cheers Monike

  5. Like this new stitching book project - very intriguing approach.

  6. I like the embroidery over words idea. The quilt above it is coming along nicely, and I suppose you must be almost finished with that round now, too.


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