Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stitching Along in June

It's been three weeks since our Stitch Along group has posted their progress. That's the schedule for this group, every three weeks. We work on our own projects too, not the same one, so there's quite a variety of needlework to be seen. I tend to swing between embroidery and needlepoint. My current needlepoint projects have been designated for Bee, Myself and I posts at the end of each month. You can see what I've been doing on that front in this post. For the SAL I'm sticking to embroidery, at least for the time being. 😉

I still haven't started embroidering the second gingerbread house from Joy McDonald. To be honest, since I've been able to get back to piecing (finally!) my interest in embroidery has waned. One of the benefits of this SAL is that it gives us a deadline to work for. The pressure of this deadline motivated me to finish up the tea towel I've been working on.

Those who are paying attention will note that in my last post (about the quilt top I just created) I said I'm not generally one for pink and blue color schemes. So you can call me out for this essentially pink and blue tea towel. In my defense, I stitched this up with someone else in mind. On the off chance she might swing by here I'll not say more except that it will eventually be a gift.

This is a very simple design. I want to do more with those leaves and with the body of the butterflies but I just haven't been able to figure out what to do. If I satin stitch those butterfly bodies I'm afraid they will stand out visually given that everything else is just outline stitched. I welcome suggestions although I may just leave it alone.

I've also put some more stitches in this pillow cover from Sublime Stitching.

Most of the stars are now stitched, more of the lighter green leaves, and the orange decoration inside the large heart in the center.

This will probably go to the granddaughters when it's finally finished so I want it to be colorful and fun.

To see what the others have been stitching click on their names below. If you'd like this kind of motivation to get your needlework projects going again (or finished) just let Avis know via her blog. 😀Our next check in will be at the end of this month, on June 30th. Maybe I'll double up and show my needlepoint progress then!

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  1. I love those foxes, and the butterflies, although I don't do any stitching now, would leave them as they are.With the blue, they are truly lovely.

  2. Your embroidery is so neat! Love the colours on the tea towel :)

  3. still loving those foxes

  4. Lovely embroidering. Love to see any all moves it forward.

  5. Love the foxes, they have such quizzical expressions. And like you, I find my interest in particular handwork comes and goes. You've had enforced absences and work by default. Time to please yourself for a while :-)

  6. I agree with everyone's comments about the foxes. They are so cute!

  7. Happy finish on the tea towel, and I hope you work on those foxes for awhile, I love seeing them! Enjoy getting back to piecing!!!

  8. Also wonderful projects. I'm hoping to start the gingerbread houses before the whole series finishes. LOL I'm working on a couple of other projects, though, and the "soon to do" pile is getting pretty high!


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