Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hands2Help 2019

My life and the schedule for Hands2Help haven't coincided very well this year. Mostly that's due to the shoulder injury. However, I have managed to get a couple of small quilts bound over the last couple of months. They were both built last year, before I hurt myself. They still need to be laundered to fluff them up but I like to save that step for the very last to get - and keep - as much dog hair as possible off of them.  I've already sent one of my big quilts to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project. Specifically, my F2F quilt.

It was just too big to use comfortably on our bed. It was a wrench to part with, believe me.

Both of the most recent quilts were made with the intention of donating them to our local Hospice organization for their clients. That's basically the same mission as Mercyful Quilts so I'll be donating here in my own town instead of shipping them. I've christened this first one Pink Twinklers.

About 48" x 60"

Plenty there to keep someone distracted! James quilted this with one of his loose overall designs.

The second has a more masculine look. I think of it as a Farmer's Wife Churn Dash.

About 50" x 60"

James used a large feather pattern to quilt this one.

In the Pink has been waiting for me to finish up the other quilts so I can donate them all at one time.

That will be happening one day very soon!


  1. Lovely quilts -- and I'll bet it was a wrench to part with that F2F quilt. But I also understand why so good for you.

  2. Great quilts and quilting - I suppose we can't keep them all can we?

  3. I'm happy to think F2F is heading out there to make a difference to someone, so bravo for making that sacrifice. I have to say, I think the name and design of Pink Twinklers is just *fabulous*, beautiful colours and the very best kind of fabric madness. Love your work!

  4. I really love Pink Twinklers! I love how you broke up the scrappiness with the structure, and also the churn dash blocks hiding inside the scrappy sections. So much fun to look at!


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