Monday, November 26, 2018

Setting Sail

I haven't talked much about the Footsquare Freestyle block swap this time around. Suffice to say that I asked for blocks in blues and white. You can see the blocks that were made for me and who made them over on the Footsquare blog. (My month was July, you'll need to scroll down just a little way to see them.) As per usual it's a lovely assortment of styles and techniques, and all well done. 😊

What with the hurricanes and wildfires here in the States recently I fully expect there to be a variety of quilt drives to benefit the victims on both coasts. One quilt drive I know of already is asking for bed size quilts, queen and king size. I can't help with that in spite of having a long arm quilter in house. But I can make individual blocks and I can make quilts for kids or for use on a couch! To that end I've pulled out my Footsquare Freestyle blocks to play with.

A little while after my blocks came rolling in I found yardage of beach-themed panels in blue and white. Of course I didn't think to take a picture of the fabric before I cut it up. However, one of the panels has been the catalyst for this new project.

I'm thinking of a kid's quilt. This was also an excuse to use at least a few of the many Ship blocks I've made out of scraps. Plus that Tall Ship I made for myself as part of F2F3!

I'll be shooting for a quilt in the range of 48" x 60." Those little ships will likely become alternate blocks between the 12" blocks to stretch 36" into 48." I haven't sorted out the length yet. Four rows of 12" each plus some sashing no doubt.

Today I made some additional boats to reinforce the sailing theme.

Of course I couldn't resist including a pirate ship!

Whether it ends up in the quilt remains to be seen. 😉


  1. These are wonderful - I especially like the one you cut out "Let Your Dreams Set Sail" -- perfect place to use your sailing ships!

  2. That's a wonderful panel to take inspiration from, and your ship blocks are totally perfect to work with it. That pirate ship is fantastic – I'd love to see a whole quilt with that theme and colour scheme ;-)

  3. This is going to be terrific! And playing with those little ships is going to be a bunch of fun, too!

  4. This will be a special quilt for someone who has lost so much. The devastation in the States has been awful, your heart must be heavy.

  5. What a lovely theme to cheer up a child - or anybody come to that. I think the pirate ship would have to go in somewhere it's so cute.

  6. I hope it ends up in the quilt. Whatever we think about REAL pirates, little boys love the idea of pirate ships!


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