Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Pigs and Leaves

I'm still trying to avoid aggravating my elbow so I've continued to work on small needlepoint projects. I've begun a second piggy bank coin purse. I figure I'll probably make one for each of our four granddaughters.

I'll try to use different background colors for each case. I may go crazy and make pigs of another color. 😉

When we were out and about recently I was so inspired by the colors of the leaves I got out of the car to collect a few. Then I tried them out on a blank cosmetic size Stitch & Zip case.

This may be a bit more challenging to stitch with my bum elbow but I couldn't resist the opportunity to use some of the gorgeous reds and oranges I've acquired from Nancy's dye pot.

I simply traced around the leaves with a quilter's marking pencil once I had an arrangement I was happy with.

I haven't begun work on this larger case yet. The intensity of the headaches lately have made following an established pattern with few colors the way to go.

Folks here in the USA are gearing up for our Thanksgiving holiday. Lots of families traveling to be together to share a feast and (hopefully) good times. Ours will be a quiet holiday with salmon instead of the traditional turkey as the main course and only one of our children at the table with us. Many families watch football games on TV over the holiday weekend. Those that are not out shopping! We will be watching some of our favorite holiday movies when we're not shopping online. 😉 If you're celebrating Thanksgiving I hope your meal is delicious and the memories you make warm and wonderful.


  1. A elbow that does not want you to have any fun stitching, and headaches, maybe when it gets so cold any vapours will freeze before you can get them anywhere nearby. Love the leaves and the threads. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, we will be in our temporary home and so thankful for family and friends.

  2. I love the piggy purses – your idea of using different colours for the pigs is great. They come in rust, piebald and black as well as pink, so that gives you some great options for different colourways. And that leaf case is going to be wonderful; the reference is beautiful and you have some really inspirational colours.

  3. Those piggy purses are so cute! I love the colors of the leaves too.. what a great idea to trace them and stitch them up. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out! xx


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