Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday Recap

There have been a series of exposures to toxins since my last post. Before the first one I managed to apply the binding to my Scattered Taffy quilt, which allowed me to sew the binding down after the exposures. That's a good mindless activity for those occasions. I've just pulled the quilt out of the dryer and hung it up for you to see...

Approx. 60" x 67"
I'm looking forward to putting it on the bed. It isn't full bed-size but it will cover the mattress sufficiently for my purposes.

James used a Greek key pattern in the sashing between the Broken Dishes blocks.

Can you see it? It took us a while to come up with a quilting plan that would work with such busy blocks. I'm very happy with the results.

I've also sewn together all the pieces of my current Parts Department Quilt, started for Scrap Happy Day on the 15th.

Once I'd assembled the smaller pieces it was easier to see the quilt as a whole. Subsequently a couple of the 12" blocks were moved around. I'm thinking I'll bind this as-is. I already have a back made for it. It will finish at about 48" x 60."

The rose bush we inherited when we bought this house is in full bloom. It's right outside my studio window and I've let it grow tall enough to enjoy the blooms right from where I spend most of my time sitting. The two rose bushes we planted off the back deck last year are beginning to bloom now too. I finally went out and pulled the worst of the weeds from around their feet. As a reward I brought in one specimen from each bush.

Queen of Sweden

Charlotte, not fully open yet.
Cottonwood season is in full swing, a little early this year it seems. That means we look out the windows and see light, fluffy "snow" floating around. It also collects in nooks and crannies in doorways. It's one of those half-annoying, half-enjoyable aspects of the natural world. 😊


  1. Beautiful rose shades, we have 2 tall trees that shed cotton wool fluffs, and they are so pretty on the grass. A poplar variety that is called Cottonwood down here too.

  2. Both the quilts are looking lovely, and well done progressing them despite ill health. Love that gorgeous pink rose, I love the old fashioned 'crumpled' look.

  3. Cottonwood season here too - mostly sneeze-producing for me. Lovely roses!!!!!

  4. The Greek keys was a brilliant idea, it works perfectly. Your scrap happy top has turned out so nicely too, I really like the way you put it together with the different sized blocks! Wish I could smell those roses, they look gorgeous!,

  5. Love roses, but I can´t look after them properly! My neighbour does that for me :) Your quilts look great!!!


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