Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Year in Stitches Update

We have a stitch along (SAL) check in coming up on Sunday, 11 Feb. I need to begin a new travel trailer for my Sketchbook Project between now and then so I have something to show. 😉 In the meantime, I thought I'd share my progress on my Year in Stitches sampler project.

The Year in Stitches is a group on Facebook. You're free to embroider anything you want. It was begun over a year ago with the intention of encouraging participants to stitch every day (or every other day or every couple of days in my case). Some of the participants are in their second year, others of us have only just joined. I thought it would be a perfect way to try out new-to-me stitches and for indulging in the hand dyed flosses I've been buying from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

Isn't this a delicious box of color?!
My year in stitches sampler is going to be a series of "pages" that I hope to assemble into a book format eventually. The pages will be about 6" square when finished. I started the first one on a length of muslin that I'd already used for practice stitching. I'm hoping I'll be able to separate it cleanly when the time comes.

You can see that I divided that 6" block into nine little 2" squares. For the next page I drew a 4" square and surrounded it with a one inch frame.

Can you see the faint pencil lines? I've started to outline of the overall square with leftover pieces of floss. That's why you see partial lines along the left side and bottom.

One way or another I plan to number each page. Obviously I went for a simple treatment this time! I wish you could see the variation in the colors. The number two and the embellishments in the herringbone border are actually two different hues. They look the same to me in the photos though.

There's lovely variation in some of the strands of floss too. That green under the butterfly turns to rust in places. Just yummy!

On the quilting front, the Halloween Disappearing 9 Patch (see previous post) has a back now. We're just waiting for batting. I've begun another D9P, and have a third one in the wings. I've never been a big fan of nine patch blocks but I'm sure getting mileage out of this particular variation!


  1. That certainly IS a delicious box of color! I'm enjoying watching you play with it!

  2. Oooh, gorgeous box of stitchy colour! I can see why you're being lured into embroidery and making the best use of that beautiful range.

  3. Those are some luscious threads! Love your stitcheries!

  4. An embroidered book is such a fantastic idea! It looks like each page will be a place to play, to have fun with your stitches and threads. I love what you have come up with so far.

  5. Some beautiful threads to enhance your very creative stitching, Sue!

  6. Really like the idea of the numbered stitching pages becoming a booklet later -- perhaps the close-together ones shall become the cover?

  7. That IS a delicious box of color! I've tended to leave mine in the sets they came in, but I really like this look, and I might be changing that!


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