Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Welcome Blanket Project Part Two

This is one of those projects that's just about making itself! When last you saw it (a week ago!) I was auditioning 4" hourglass blocks for a border.

I debated about making some kind of cornerstone blocks but ended up sewing the hourglasses together and then adding a one inch strip (finished) to either side. That made that border 6" wide, an easier size for me to work with in terms of cornerstones. In fact, I found three blocks in my Parts Dept. that fit the theme and color scheme so I only had to make one additional Shoo-fly!

At that stage the quilt would have finished 40" square. I was determined to make a 60 x 60" quilt though, so even an adult would find it useful. Given the rather short deadline for this project (and my basic impatience) I was reluctant to make a (relative) ton of new blocks to build the next border. I was delighted to find a stripe print in my stash of older fabric that would give me 5.5" x 24" four times with very little effort. I made some little freestyle log cabins and filled in the gaps with compensating strips.

Once those bits were assembled I needed 7.5" cornerstone blocks to complete the round. Friendship stars seemed like the perfect choice. Then I went around the whole thing with a band of the navy blue and gold print. Ta daa, 60" square!

There was another piece of yardage from back in the day I'd never been able to put to good use. It made a great start for the back of this quilt. :- )

James got it quilted up for me in just a couple of hours. He created a meander with the occasional star thrown in for interest.

Now I'm going to bind it with what's left of the navy blue and gold print and maybe have it ready to ship by the Fourth of July! It won't go out on that day of course, but it will be fun to have it done by then. Woohoo!

The Welcome Blanket Project was initiated by folks who play with yarn and sticks but quilters are welcome to participate. They're only asking for 40" square blankets and there's still time to make a contribution if you're so inclined. :- )


  1. Playing with sticks and yarn, how true. and today I learnt of those wonderful words on the Statue of Liberty. Freedom is something to be treasured, valued above so much else, and a welcome blanket or quilt is a wonderful beginning for so many. I do like the way you used those other blocks and strips to make this the size you wanted. And lovely quilting too.

  2. Thank goodness for the Parts Department and the Stash!
    A great finish Sue - and in double quick time too.

  3. You put this together so fast that it practically looked like a magic trick! Beautiful quilt, and the 4th of July finish date is perfect!

  4. That's a very warming idea, Sue, and your quilt is perfect for it. I always feel good when I hear of projects like this, so inclusive and welcoming. xxx

  5. That's a gorgeous medallion quilt, and anyone would be proud and delighted to become its new owner. It's especially apt for welcoming, so bravo all round!

  6. Wow, that quilt was meant to be. Thanks for the link to the Welcome Blanket site. Not that I have any difficulty finding reasons to knit absolutely anything at all for anyone, but I'm always glad to have a new charitable purpose for my knitting activities!

  7. As you always do, you reached into the hat and pulled out a rabbit. That is a GREAT welcome quilt and a couple of young siblings could wrap up in it, too.


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