Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scrap Happy in June and a Splurge

Suddenly it's the middle of June! Time for a Scrap Happy post in conjunction with Kate at Tall Tales from Chiconia and Gun over at Rutigt. The idea is to use only old fabrics, scraps if you've got 'em. I've been making Scrappy Trip blocks out of my older prints and the tail ends of fabric from recent projects. I have enough blocks to put together another comfort quilt top (60" x 75") but I'm not ready for that kind of effort. The more blocks I make the greater the variety of prints across the final quilt top(s)!

Last month I only made three blocks, and felt they were pretty muddy. This month I made an effort to introduce some lighter, brighter colors and I was able to make six blocks. I use 3" strips to create blocks that will finish at 15" each.

To see what others are making out of their scraps click on over to Kate or Gun's blogs where you'll find a list of participants.

And now for the splurge...

You may be aware that I've recently started following the Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe and have been drooling over her hand dyed floss. My birthday is this month. What better excuse to buy myself a present?!

Sleepy Hollow II collection

Not just one, but two!!

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers collection
There are 12 skeins in each collection, and 20 yards in each skein. My original hesitation in making these purchases was the belief that I would never use that much of any one color given the limited amount of embroidery I do. But better to have too much than too little, right? ;- ) I was not mistaken in thinking these colors would be luscious in person. Somehow the floss feels softer than the skeins you buy in the  store. Maybe because there's so much of it, maybe because it's been fluffed up a bit in the hand dying process. Whatever; it's gorgeous. Now I have the struggle between just admiring my pretties or finding a way to actually use them!

And in case you've left me a comment recently but have not heard back from me, it's the same old story: I have been incapacitated by toxins. I went out to prune the old rose bush under my studio window without wearing my protective mask, thinking I would be okay. There were enough fumes from my neighbor's laundry products to set me back. Then I had to take Luna to the vet for an emergency visit. Places like that are laden with chemicals my body doesn't have the capacity to handle anymore but I couldn't find anyone else to take her in for me. She will be okay; it seems to be an injury to her right eyelid. Hubby arrived at the vet clinic in time to pay the bill and the vet was kind enough to talk with me outdoors about follow up care for Luna. One reason we use that clinic is their proximity to our house. I made it home safely and ate yet another small bowlful of frozen blueberries. They are the most effective treatment I've found to mitigate the immediate reactions to chemical exposures. Thank goodness for natural remedies. Too bad there's still a recovery period to be endured. Thanks for hanging in there with me. :- )


  1. Happy birthday! And enjoy playing with those threads - they're flat-out gorgeous!

  2. Happy Birthday for June. Beautiful skeins, the packaging is beautiful too, Rocky Mountain is so beautiful, but the Sleep Hollow will be great complimentary colours. Never too many of threads, fabric, or all else related. I do hope the blueberries continue to heal, and if rest is a help, get plenty. Maybe just looking at your new threads will help, beauty right there, to hold, to gaze at, and then to stitch.

  3. What a gorgeous post! Not only beautiful scrappy work, but those lavish boxes of fabulous floss! Like you, I'm not sure what I'd use them for, but how lovely to have them, stroke them and plot a project to use them.
    Happy Birthday, and I hope your recovery is rapid and complete. Stay well, my friend!

  4. Happy birthday, and what a great present! I love her threads. Your blocks look great. Looking forward to seeing them together again.

  5. I really like the colours in your scrappy blocks and those threads....beautiful. Take it easy while you recover, I find blueberries do it for me too.

  6. I hope your recovery doesn't take too long and you get to enjoy your birthday. I love blueberries and know they are good for you but didn't realise they were so powerful as to work almost immediately. Another new thing I've learnt.


Due to my health issues I am frequently unable to respond to your comments but please know that I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I cannot respond to 'no-reply' bloggers either, much to my frustration.