Monday, February 6, 2017


We had a little snow early last week. Not entirely unexpected for the end of January or beginning of February but we generally don't get a lot of snow where we live, either in frequency or quantity.

That snowfall lasted longer than I would have expected but melted away and the rest of the week we had rain, which is far more common.

I happened to be up at midnight last night. The night seemed awfully bright on the other side of the curtains. I peeked out and saw snow again! We had more this time around:

Schools are closed and the Husband is working from home rather than risking the 60 mile commute he usually makes. The world is quiet this morning (except for my canary who is singing his guts out at the moment!). What a lovely change, so peaceful. It won't last of course, but I intend to soak it up while I can. :- )


  1. And that snow would be a beautiful background for a photo shoot of some fabric or embroidery. The quietness as it falls, the beauty as it linger on the hedge, nature gives you a day at home, enjoy it all.

  2. Snow... Nature's quilt, but in wholecloth. I like a bit more colour, myself!

  3. When I lived in Vermont, I could usually tell when it had snowed during the night, without looking out the window, just from the quality of the sounds outside. Snow always muffled things in a particular way. Of course, the sound of the snowplow going by on the main road down in the valley was always a dead giveaway, too... 8)

  4. As long as my cupboards are full, all my family are safe inside and there are no urgent appointments to keep, that soft, muffled cocooned feeling that fresh snow gives you is quite welcome - well, for two or three days anyway!

  5. We got the snow too! It's still here, as a matter of fact. I haven't left the house since Sunday, but I'm OK with that. I'll need to go to the store pretty soon though - I'm almost out of milk and chocolate! :)


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