Wednesday, February 22, 2017

PDQ Progress

P.D.Q.= Parts Department quilt, pretty darn quick!

To recap, last week I started with a couple of chicken themed orphan blocks out of my Parts Department. They ended up creating this medallion:

I decided to build another strippy version quilt rather than a medallion quilt. To that end I added only to the top and bottom of the original square. I pulled more blocks out of the Parts Dept. but had to make a couple of new ones for a more cohesive look. (Yes, even with a multitude of scraps you can achieve a cohesive design!)

Another goal was to use up some of the scrap strips in my collection. I had Chinese Coin iterations on my mind but ended up making half log cabin blocks instead.

This made a nice dent in my inventory of 6" scrap blocks. :- )

I used a handful to top off what I've been thinking of as the central column for this quilt.

There's a similar row at the bottom of the column. The rest of the blocks were divided into two groups for secondary columns. To achieve the same length as the middle column I had to throw in the occasional extra strip.

Naturally, I can't get the whole thing into one picture!

Hopefully you get the idea. The challenge now is to decide how wide to make the vertical sashing and borders. And whether to make them whole cloth or out of more scrap strips. Or whether to use vertical sashing at all! I need to get this finished up p.d.q. as now there's a wedding quilt to build for an April wedding. :- )

I've just found out about Kat's Sew Some Love link parties on Wednesdays. Since this quilt top is intended for donation through this year's Hands2Help quilt drive I'm linking up!

Linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework where quilts from orphan blocks are being featured. ;-) 


  1. A wedding quilt for an April :o !!
    I hope you're not starting from scratch. Are you?

  2. Great use of orphan blocks, they all look so good together!

  3. From zero to quilt in the blink of an eye! Amazing!
    Enjoy making the wedding quilt!

  4. This is lovely! Hard to believe it came from orphan blocks. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love how you made use of your orphan blocks - they all play so well together! Thank you for sharing your thought process as well. It really spoke to my teacher's heart! Glad I found you on Quilting Is More Fun Thank Housework! Thank you for sharing!


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