Saturday, August 20, 2016

Medallion Madness

We're finally experiencing summer temperatures up here in my corner of the world. Consequently we've had the windows open, with the result that I've been slowed down by toxins floating in. My body is ridiculously sensitive. We've begun using a portable air conditioning unit during the day to keep the house cooler. It's not necessary at night because our temps usually drop significantly.
So far the air quality has been better this summer than in recent years. There will always be toxins, I suspect, but there are degrees of toxicity. I feel fortunate that it's been so low thus far.

Let me say again how much I appreciate the comments you leave. I'm sorry I haven't been up to responding to them personally. Nor have I been around to see what y'all have been up to. One of these days I'll get caught up! In the meantime, I've slowly begun work on a new project. This one wasn't planned in any sense of the word. I saw the panel and had to have it.

It's a "Princess on the Pea" by Denyse Klette for Elizabeth's Studio. My excuse for buying it was that it would be appropriate for any (or all) of my granddaughters. ;- )

As I've been working on it my husband has made the comment that he finds it very relaxing to look at and wouldn't mind having it for himself!

After I trimmed the raw edges I added narrow strips down the sides to achieve dimensions that would be easier to work with. The next step was to create some flying geese:

At that point I sort of got stuck. I wanted it wider, that much I was sure of. I really didn't want to make that many more geese. Then I remembered a vine print in my stash. I cut strips for all four sides but only sewed them to the left and right.

When I realized the top and bottom would need to be pieced I took the opportunity to slip in some surprises. My whole intention as I work on this is to enhance the sense of being outside, perhaps camping (which my granddaughters love to do). To that end I pulled out all the novelty prints I could find that feature creatures you might encounter outdoors. Sawtooth stars were the obvious choice for showcasing those prints.

Ants and snails and ducks...

Butterflies, dragonflies, and the pet cat. :- )
I have more stars to make, and then I'll have to figure out how and where to set them within the borders.

What I really need to be working on is my liberated medallion for the quilt along. The next design prompt will be announced in only ten days or so and I haven't touched my Macabre Medallion since the current challenge was announced. {sigh} Oh well, I sort of know what I want to do with it. One of these days my energy will return. Maybe when this rare spate of sunshine is chased away by the cloud cover we're more accustomed to it will be easier to get back into the spirit of that project.


  1. Oh, what a fun project you've got going there! Your stars for the border are wonderful - love the little critters!
    I've been working on my medallion, too, after racking my brain over what I wanted to do. Now I've got my fingers crossed that some fabric I ordered will hurry and get here! (And that it'll look as good in reality as it does in my head...)

  2. What a fun project! Some grand daughter is going to be a very happy girl... or perhaps your husband will get to enjoy it instead! I'm so sorry you're being dragged down by the very air you breathe, and I hope you'll pull round and find your energy once again.

  3. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly Sue. I hope things improve for you soon.

  4. Love the panel. It is going to be soo cute when you get done! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  5. A very unique panel and you are really having fun with it. My friend in Monroe said it was 96. She visited me last month and complained about the 80's here in Wisconsin. Of course we have a/c everywhere. Glad your problems have not been as bad this year. We just started getting fall weather this week, hooray!

  6. I have a few panels in my stash and am enjoying seeing how you add borders to this one

  7. Life is short. Do what you feel like doing on any given day. This is a great panel, and I love what you are doing with it.

  8. Lovely panel and your additions suit perfectly. Energy..or none, some days I do nothing in the sewing or quilting areas, and have learnt not to push myself to any extreme level, and am trying to eliminate anything stressful. That way my heart beats nice and steady!!!Maybe when your weather is more into a winter mode, it will be easier to tackle more. Does the dressing in any fabric upset you? I find some of them smell so strong, and washing first suits me.


Due to my health issues I am frequently unable to respond to your comments but please know that I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I cannot respond to 'no-reply' bloggers either, much to my frustration.