Monday, August 8, 2016

A Quick Check-In

Last week was one of those I think of as "lost." Our internet connection was restored and has been strong since then. Unfortunately, my body took over and kept me from functioning properly. We will be having visitors this week so I may be incapacitated again for a couple of days. Before that happens I wanted to show you the progress I have managed to make.

Remember how I started making double four patch blocks and then discovered how much I liked the postage stamp stars I've been making for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with them?

That's a row of my Diary Quilt down the right side
of the design wall, not a prospective border.
I made more of the double four patch blocks, one or two at a time, until I had enough for a small quilt. Then it was time to audition the stars. 

I filled in all the gaps and then spent a couple of days tweaking placements. I think this will be the final arrangement:

That orange star sort of grabs the eye but I haven't found anything I like better in that spot.These are all 8" blocks. Right now I'm not planning a border of any kind. This isn't the time for a big, involved project. Hopefully my internal systems will stabilize in the near future so I can turn my attention to my liberated medallion and a couple of new quilts for family members. I'd also like to get around to see what everyone else has been up to. It may be the end of the week before that happens however. I hope you're all having more fun than I have been! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this setting! I see what you mean about the orange star, my eye was drawn to it. How about if you swap it with the red star two blocks above it, that way it's more central to the quilt and the eye-drawing doesn't matter so much...? And maybe the bright green star diagonally opposite it, to balance it? OK, I'll shut up now! I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better, and hope your forthcoming visitors don't set you back too much. I'm due for a bad week myself, although for the best of reasons: I'm finally off the opioids, and the withdrawal, while mild, is uncomfortable, especially at night. I'd rather the pain than the fog, any time!

  2. Your quilt is great! I like the idea of mixing four patch blocks with star blocks!

  3. I think it looks great! It's amazing how the diagonals bring out the best in each other.
    Enjoy your company, and may your health stabilize!

  4. A great quilt Sue. The combination of blocks looks dynamic and I like the pops of orange. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. LOVE the quilt! It will be wonderful without borders. Until you said something about it, I hadn't really been grabbed by the orange. There's enough red and orange in the quilt, I don't think it's a problem. Enjoy your visitors. Hope it doesn't knock you back again.


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