Thursday, July 28, 2016

Please Stand By

Work is being done in our neighborhood to upgrade the various services carried via cable. Our internet connection has been spotty of late, and will apparently continue to be so while this work is being done. It's just as well since I haven't been my most productive this week. I strongly suspect these fellows have been up to their tricks when I was sewing.

Because look what happened as I assembled one of my postage stamp stars!

That pleat is not part of the pattern. Eventually I got that sucker put together correctly though.

I'm planning to use this type of star down the sides of my next Foot Square Freestyle quilt. In this round there are only nine participants so we'll have the option of smaller quilts or making more blocks for ourselves. My plan is to feature the blocks made by others in the body of the quilt and then use these smaller stars down the sides for a personal-size quilt.

And now I'd better see if I can actually publish this post...


  1. Gorgeous idea. One thought: would you like scraps of what everyone else has used for your blocks to use in your postage stamp stars to tie things in, or do you have entirely enough scraps to last the rest of your natural life, thanks very much?!

  2. Gremlins on line, the worst when we cannot see them.Love that block and the fabrics you chose.

  3. sounds like a very interesting project you are going to work on here with others will enjoy watching the progress

  4. Good luck with staying connected!
    That star is gorgeous with the dark background. Looking forward to seeing that border!

  5. I hope your connection stabilizes this week, if it hasn't already. Hopefully, after all this, it will actually be better! Thing 1 and Thing 2 are well known for their pranks, so I'm not surprised to see they left you a problem. The block turned out well in spite of them, though!


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