Monday, May 9, 2016

Status Report

I feel all confused about where I am with ongoing projects and what I may or may not have posted. Seems to be a recurring theme lately! 

For the record, the quilt I made as part of the Hands2Help quilt drive is finished. Woohoo! It's been bound but not laundered yet. I'm holding onto it long enough to enter it in a local quilt show. 

Not the best photo, just a quickie taken outside. It's upside down to boot!

I'm keeping up with the strips and rows for my version of Quilty 365. Here are the current strips just laid out on the design wall:

That bottom row has since been completed and a new row begun. I'm about halfway through my year of strips.

Kate should be receiving the F2F blocks I made for her soon. Hers was the last set of blocks to be made and sent out in this first F2F swap. A second swap has been set up and will begin with blocks for Lynn in June. 

I've only made a few postage stamp stars per the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color scheme for this month. We're only a week into the month though. In all likelihood I will be focusing on the green aspect of the palette, probably leaving brown out of the mix altogether. 

There have been more little ships.

Very soon I ought to be able to begin setting these into the Scrappy Sea I intend for them to sail.

Is that everything? Doubtful, but this is what comes immediately to mind. 

Oh, there has been a windfall of new fabric come into The Magpie's Nest. I received an early birthday (and Christmas and next year's birthday and Christmas too!) present from my sister this past week. I shouldn't tease you like that, I don't have any pictures yet. But there was an irresistible sale at my LQS the week before that. This is what 27 yards of fabric looks like all in one place:

Some of it will be quilt backs, and about half of it is for a wedding quilt I hope to get made before the end of July (oh dear! that's not that far off anymore!). There are other new projects on the horizon as well. Things are sort of nebulous at this point. Rest assured you will be kept abreast of the most exciting developments. ;- )


  1. Woo hoo! The blocks haven't arrived yet, but hopefully any day now....

  2. I see some awfully pretty greens in that pile! I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects!
    I always love your little ships. And your finished quilt is beautiful!

  3. 27 yards of fabric, that is a dream come true. And your sailing ships, they are truly lovely.

  4. What a windfall! I'm sure you'll make excellent use of it.

  5. Your H2H quilt is so lovely!

  6. Beautiful new fabrics for the stash! I feel a bit nebulous about my projects as well - too many in too many different stages. I really want to get a few to flimsy stage so I can stop and re-think future plans AND have time to practice some free motion quilting with Max.

  7. Love the quilt for Hands2help! New fabrics, can celebrate your birthday every day as long as the gift is new fabrics! :)

  8. Love your H2H quilt - thanks for participating this year!


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