Sunday, May 22, 2016

Selfishly Stitching Along

As part of Carla's Bee, Myself and I selfish sewing (which she has had absolutely no time for, poor thing) I've been working on a needlepoint canvas. In a recent post I hinted that I've set aside that canvas for a new project. For the time being it remains at this stage:

I guess I needed to work on something more colorful than all that light blue. So I pulled out a pre-printed panel I'd purchased some while ago from Sublime Stitching. Jenny put her floss bundles on sale recently too. Of course I succumbed and bought a selection. It only seemed appropriate then that I should stitch her panel with her floss!

More bluebirds, although not like any bluebird with which I'm familiar. ;- )

I'm using this piece to strengthen my embroidery skills and also to practice being okay with not doing things perfectly. I doubt you'll be able to see it, but my back stitches are never a consistent length. I'm seriously hoping that the blue markings will wash out as promised.

It's been a very long time since I've done this sort of thing. It's turning out to be quite a pleasant change from building quilts and quilt backs!

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  1. this would look lovely as a central panel with some patchwork borders ^^

  2. This is a very pretty design. It certainly doesn't deserve to be waiting in a drawer any longer :-)

  3. The needlepoint bird is so pretty. As you I don't like (in my case) cross-stitching big areas with the same floss color, it is boring. The enbroidery is very cute,and you are doing a great stitching.

  4. It's a sweet design, even if the poor bluebirds are a bit top-heavy. I can see you finishing this and then adding some of your fabulous embellishments, like the ones on my already heavily-used needle book!

  5. PS: can you add me to the SAL list as well...?

  6. I found I quite liked doing the backstitching I had to do on the cats/dogs pillow I made for Lara's bloghop! It was nice to embroider again, nice to see what you're doing. btw that "building a back" May 20 post--wow, what colourful top you've got there!!

  7. It looks like a fun project. Consistent back stitch will come, you just need several hours of practice. Are you doing it all in back stitch or adding some more stitches?

  8. Looks lovely and a bit different from all our other projects! That´s cool :)

  9. That is so pretty! Beautiful stitching :)

  10. I like your new project, too. Sounds like you've been investing wisely. =) Know what? My backstitch isn't even either! It's a lot better than in 2012 when I first started using it instead of outline and stem stitching everything, but it still is a far cry from Allie's or Jenny of Elefantz!

  11. I grew up doing embroidery -- my grandmother was a stickler for even stitches (she made me take SO many of mine out - hence my preference for liberated work as an adult - not sloppy or careless but also not perfect).

  12. They look like Snow White bluebirds to me. :)
    I might have time again soon. Maybe. I officially finished packing up my grandmother's house today. One mammoth task - done!
    Your blog banner had me chortling because of its relevance to me right now. I decided to get a new hairdo last week - a treat for all my hard work. I even got a semi-permanent colour in my hair for the first time in 20 years. BAD idea! Did someone say hypersensitivity to chemicals?


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