Thursday, March 3, 2016

His First Quilt

First of all, let me beg your pardon for gloating over my youngest son's recent accomplishment. James has been long arm quilting other people's quilts for over three years now. He just put the finishing touches on the first quilt he made from start to finish. He designed it, pieced it, appliqued parts of it, did the quilting, and put on the binding with a flat piping to add interest. I give you his interpretation of Majora's Mask from the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask:

Naturally the colors don't read true to life in the photograph. The head is more purple in person. It's actually a blue and pinky-purple batik. The eyeballs were fussy cut and appliqued onto the black background. The horns are appliqued as well. Everything else is pieced.

The quilting disappears on most of the front but really stands out on the back:

Looks a little scary in fact!

The most noticeable quilting on the front are details or outlines. When you look closely though, the border treatment is impressive.

And is easier to see on the back:

I've added a link to his business page on Facebook in my sidebar. Just look for the hearts he quilted on my yellow block from Grandma's Box of Crayons. I'd be happy to put you in touch with him via email if you're not on Facebook. :- )


  1. Wow, fantastic, close up, the details show, and the back, wonderful. He is a keeper!!!

  2. What beautiful quilting! You're right to be proud of your son's accomplishment.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!!! I am so impressed by your son's talent and skill!!!

  4. What a fantastic debut quilt! He's very, very talented, not just at quilting but colour choice and piecing. I already knew he was a great quilter thanks to his great kindness in quilting Pat's quilt, but this just showcases more of his great work!

  5. Amazing! His subject matter will please my daughters as both are big Legend of Zelda fans. If only I lived nearer I would definitely employ James and his long arm quilter as his work looks wonderful. Your gloating is completely understood and needs no excuse.

  6. Super job! I know there are thousands of Zelda fans, many of whom would probably love to own that quilt! The quilting is great!

  7. What a fabulously fun project to work on. Such an original idea!!!
    And the quilting is fabulous too!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com


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