Thursday, February 18, 2016

We Did It

In our Foot Square Freestyle block swap Miss May/January had almost a week with her completed quilt before she passed away. Kate informs me that it was exactly one month from the time we decided to move Pat up in line to accommodate her shortened life span to the date the quilt was shipped to her. What a relief and a blessing to be able to get that assembled and quilted and then shipped overnight. You can see the image of the virtual quilt and the work in progress in my previous post. Here's what the end product looked like, photographed in my local quilt shop:

James Brown did the quilting for us and Kate created the label.

There were some struggles when it came to choosing thread color and quilting design. James wanted to do his best work and display his talents but the feathers he was planning to use proved to be too much for the quilt. In the end we chose leaves. They speak to me of hope and new life.

With a Hobbs 80/20 batting the quilt turned out soft and fluffy. I was surprised by how pretty the color palette was too. 

Kate has written up a memorial page about Pat and her quilt. I encourage you to take a few minutes to go over and read it.

After that concentrated effort I had to take a break. That's one reason this blog has been so quiet. I have been stitching however, working on a needlepoint case. I love Stitch and Zip kits for mindless stitching. C~ asked me to make up this e-reader case for her:

It's nearly finished. I've already purchased another kit that I'm looking forward to working on. There's a new quilt project on the design wall too. I'll save that for the next post though, and hopefully you won't have to wait weeks to see what it is!


  1. I'm glad you all got the quilt done in time - what a herculean effort. And I agree with you that leaves were a perfect choice for the quilting.

  2. That needlepoint case is just gorgeous, I'm deeply envious! I hope your short break from quilting has done the trick and you're feeling less tired and ready for the next thing.
    I'm so very grateful and thankful for all the hard work you and James put into Pat's quilt. You took it from just another quilt to something memorable, special and a work for all of us to be proud of. Thank you so much.

  3. What a wonderful celebration of a life well lived - kudos to all who stitched on Pat's quilt.

  4. I like your photo - it's really possible to see the wonderful blocks AND the quilting! The needlepoint you are doing is beautiful.

  5. I love the needlepoint case too - gorgeous design.
    You and James did a marvellous job finishing Pat's quilt and I hope you took a well deserved rest afterwards.

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  7. This is my third attempt at leaving a comment so - if you end up with three it's because I didn't think the first two had gone through. Anyway, basically, I said well done to you and James and I love the needlepoint case :)

  8. I was so moved by the gorgeous quilt and group effort on behalf of Pat. Truly a labor of love.
    thank you so much for the story and photos and links. your needlepoint project is gorgeous!
    It means so much to share this type of quilting for love and support of fellow friends/quilters. I think the quilting was wonderful and all the blocks terrific.


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