Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

I haven't actually been to our little county fair in recent years but I have been entering quilts every year. I was afraid I wouldn't have anything to enter at all this year. Then I remembered two quilts I finished shortly after last year's fair that hadn't been given away. One I kept for myself:

Grandma's Box of Crayons

And the other I meant to give away but my husband decided it had to be his!

Autumn Forest

Unfortunately both quilts fit into the exactly the same category and you're only allowed one quilt per category. Of the two I thought Mr. Magpie's quilt would be the most interesting or out of the ordinary for the fair-going public to see so that's the one I entered.

When my husband brought it home from the fair the following weekend he had three ribbons to bring home with it! One was a regular blue ribbon, and with it was...

the Best in Class rosette! There was another rosette too, a pink one:

Not a Reserve winner but Judge's Choice!!!! I've never had such an accolade before! This almost means more to me than the Best in Show ribbon I received a couple of years ago. {happy sigh} There were no negative comments on the critique sheet either. I feel I have successfully climbed Mt. Everest. Of course, up against a larger pool of quilts mine would probably have slid right under the radar. So maybe a better analogy would be Mt. Ranier. It's shorter and closer. ;- )


  1. Wow, congratulations! You must be pretty pleased now that your husband wanted to keep it.

  2. Oh, well done! And it just goes to show that Mr Magpie has very good taste too... There's nothing like an accolade from someone who doesn't know you to perk you up tremendously - we expect our friends to love us and our work, but the good opinion of a stranger is hard won and extra valuable.

  3. Congratulations, Sue!! Wonderful turn of events!

  4. Big congratulations Sue. Well deserved and now your husband will be even more chuffed with his beautiful quilt than he was before.

  5. How wonderful! Congratulations. If it got Judges Choice, chances are good it would win a ribbon in a larger venue, too. It retires with honor and decorations on your wall. =)

  6. Congratulations, Sue!! Those wonderful ribbons are well-deserved! That is a great quilt. And what a fun surprise for you!

    I love your Grandma's Crayons quilt too. I'm a sucker for rainbow quilts. :)

  7. Nice choice for your Fair entry. Doesn't it feel SEW good when the judging sheet has no negative feedback AND your quilt comes back with MULTIPLE ribbons??? Congrats!!!

  8. So exciting! What a great feeling to see all those ribbons coming home.

  9. Wow! Congratulations! It's a beautiful quilt. Or should I say, YOUR husband's quilt is beautiful.


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