Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sparkling Stars

Remember when I told you I won the hand dyed fabric from Vicki Welsh via the Rainbow Scrap Challenge? I showed you a 16 patch Sawtooth Star I made featuring some of those pretty blues. Well, those fat eighths set off a chain reaction - in a good way. I don't have a lot of hand dyed fabrics in my collection but I have managed to acquire a few pieces over the years. Making that star featuring Vicki's fabrics inspired me to get out the rest of my very special hand dyed prints to see whether they would play nicely with those I won.

Some of the pieces I've bought over the years have too many colors in them, or the wrong colors, or they're too bright. I've found plenty that do work though!

I rediscovered a hand marbled piece:

All of the points on this star came from one piece of hand dyed fabric. It's been fun to cut out squares and strips from one piece of fabric so that they don't necessarily look like they all came from the same place. 

Because my collection of hand-dyes is limited I've been supplementing them with batiks.

And trying to use up even the smallest scraps!

Before long I had this on my design wall:

Since then I've made even more. I now have a plan for the complete quilt top and I'm pretty excited about it. This one will be staying with me. :- )


  1. the background fabric shows up the other colours so well, love those ones with a patchwork centre.

  2. I'm glad you are keeping this one! They are wonderful blocks, and look so good together. 8" or 12"?

  3. These look wonderful! Good choice to use the batiks with the hand-dyes, as they do work well together. I love the color scheme you have going with this one.

    Hoping for some rain here this weekend. Is it raining at your place?

  4. That's going to be *lovely*! I particularly like the stars with the 16-patch centres, they have a real twinkle.

  5. The way you worked to turn a scrap piece into a lovely centered design is great! I may have to try that method of piecing strips to turn into scrappy things, because I have a ton of strips already. Thanks for your input, Sheila. Have a great week.

  6. Those stars are just gorgeous! I love the colors you're playing with.
    That's definitely a quilt to hang onto!


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