Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stars In My Eyes

I've got a few more green blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I've also managed to create border strips for the top and bottom of my African Stars flimsy. I wish I could get better pictures of my bigger tops and quilts for you. If you remember, I had this:

And now I have this:

It may be difficult to see the difference. All I did was to add 4" (finished) squares along the top and bottom to get the length I wanted for this quilt. Unfortunately you can't see the bottom at all.

Here's a close up shot of the top border:

I had to take out two patches before I could leave this project alone. One patch in the top and one in the bottom were too light. They stuck out visually like the proverbial sore thumb. It was worth the little bit of effort it took to correct that design flaw. Now all I have to do is come up with or create a backing for this top. It will be the second quilt to fulfill my commitment for the Hands2Help challenge. Whether it gets done by the deadline remains to be seen. ;- )

I'm linking up with the other RSC bloggers over at SoScrappy.


  1. Nice work. I like how your quilt turned out. Very pretty.

  2. Adding borders always seems to take longer than they should. Glad you were able to add some green blocks to the growing collection.

  3. It's amazing how something too light or dark jumps out of a quilt and pokes you in the eye till you can't see anything else. Things like that just have to be fixed, no matter how much work it is... I think this quilt is looking wonderful, and am looking forward to seeing how you complete it!

  4. Nice additions to your RSC stars AND your African quilt!!

  5. A terrific quilt! I CAN see the bottom row. Those blocks are a great solution for your length and they blend right in. I hate to see "sore thumb" blocks when all you have to do is step back and they are obvious.

  6. Love those stars. Wonderful job.


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