Saturday, May 2, 2015

Finishing Up Purple

I found a couple more remnants in purple to cut up and make into 12" Ohio Stars.

There are some scraps of the prints that went into the two Rusty Stars quilt tops to use up so I made a 9" Ohio Star too.

Here are the six inch blocks I made out of the smallest purple scraps:

They will go into the Parts Department for the time being. But! I came across a few other six inch blocks I'd made a long time ago that, for some reason, didn't make it into the Parts Dept.

These had been stashed with the rest of my collection of Depression-era reproduction prints. Participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year prompted to get them out and use them up.

Last Saturday I saw a Quilt in a Day episode in which Eleanor Burns demonstrates a technique for making pairs of 9 Patch blocks. I've never been a particular fan of making 9 Patch blocks. Inevitably I end up with too many of the X blocks and not enough O blocks to create a checkerboard effect. With the technique Eleanor demonstrated you're able to make one of each all in one go. Perfect! Look what I did with the purple (lavender) prints in that short stack of fabrics:

That's 20 blocks. I've made 70 blocks this week using this method. My left arm is complaining loudly but I'm thrilled to have a healthy start on a new quilt top. It will be fun to figure out how to combine the 9 Patch blocks with the other miscellaneous 6" blocks I've made up in the Depression-era prints.

I'm linking up with the other RSC players over at SoScrappy today. Now that we're in May our focus will be on green. Angela suggests dividing our green prints into dark and light groups and working with the dark greens this month. I have mixed feelings about this. There are not a lot of dark greens in my stash. The dark greens I prefer don't seem to be available currently so I'm reluctant to use up what I have. I may have to split my greens into yellow-greens vs blue greens instead of light and dark. We'll see what I turn up next Saturday in the Scrappy Saturday post!


  1. great job on all your lovely blocks! can't decide which one is my fave...

  2. You've made a nice finish on PURPLE and have a good start on GREEN. Happy sewing!!

  3. Oh just lovely nine patches--I don't have a lot of dark greens either! I am using what i have on hand....going to bash the hugs, Julierose

  4. I love purple and love your purple blocks. It was a good month.

  5. I like 9 patch blocks because they're a great way to make progress fast in a quilt, and I don't get bored with them if I scatter them amongst other blocks. I really like the lilac/white combination, and you have some really lovely purple fabrics there.

  6. woohoo! I found your blog again, with the liberated ring gone, I lost my links to my online quilt blogs!
    love what you are doing with your RSC15 remmants. love all your nine patches too...well done

  7. Yay for 9 patch blocks! Yours are looking lovely!

  8. Your blocks look great. Thanks for the tip about Eleanor Burns. I will have to check that out.

  9. You made really good use of all your purples. Your 9 patch top is going to be really fun with all the rainbow colors.


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