Thursday, January 29, 2015

Someone Took My Chair!

I use a secretarial chair at my sewing station. It swivels and the seat height is adjustable. I find myself changing the seat height regularly, depending on what I'm doing. Boy was I surprised to see someone else in my chair when I returned to the studio one morning:

She seemed quite comfortable there. I would have expected the movement of the chair to keep her on the floor. Leah frequently jumps up into my lap when I'm sitting in this chair and the various heights don't seem to be an issue for her either.

And in spite of the string pieced cushion I made specifically for her use --

side one

side two

-- she has found yet another place to pass the time while I sew:

Yes, that's a shoe box. I only wear size 6.5 shoes so it's not even a big one! It corrals my shorter strings and the plastic box underneath the shoe box holds longer strings. I don't have a problem with her use of these non traditional dog beds, at least not so far. It's just one of the joys of having a companion animal in the house. :- )


  1. Leah is so adorable! What a lovely little companion for sure! Boxes are quilting cat tricks so she's a really fitting into her new quilting role nicely!


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