Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year, New Dog, New Look

Hello, my patient friends. The last quarter of last year was difficult. I injured my left shoulder and arm somehow. I think I may have done additional damage before I realized how bad it was so it's taking quite a long time to heal. I did a bit of hand sewing in December but have refrained from all sewing so far during this New Year. I've been tidying up the sewing table the last few days in the hope that I'll be able to get back at it soon.

I also had a sad event in November. Reilly, my canine companion, had developed cataracts and some deafness. Then suddenly his back legs wouldn't support him for any length of time. After a consultation with his veterinarian we decided it was time to send him back to his Maker. I was able to give him one last day of all his favorite things and he passed peacefully. There was a huge hole in my heart though. The Christmas holidays were a welcome diversion. We did try a little dog from one of the local shelters but she wasn't a good match for my lifestyle. I kept looking and found a better match through a rescue organization. Let me introduce you to Leah:

That's the name she came with. So far I haven't been able to call her anything else even though I've tried out several other names. She's a mix of Papillion and Chihuahua and is about four years old. That black spot on her side is perfectly round!

She has already made herself at home in my scrap basket.

We're still learning what her play time preferences are. The oddest thing is that she seems to use the play stance as a relaxed position. She may be hopeful that I'll give her more attention but as often as not she just seems to be resting.

I've never had a dog do that before. She's a delightful companion though, and I love the way her face is marked with touches of brown.

I have a few things I've made that I could show you. I'll save them for another post. But let me share what my good friend C~ made for me for Christmas.

 She knitted the zombie doll from sock yarn and used one of my favorite prints to make a zippered pouch full of goodies for me. All of it makes me smile!

And since I've been away from the blog for so long I decided to take this opportunity to change things up to mark a fresh start. :- )


  1. Leah is adorable!!!!

    Love the blog's new look, too.

    Good to have you back!!

  2. Lovely new poochie, she's adorable.
    A fun zombie doll and pouch, what a great gift.

  3. So glad that your darling little dog is working out. And her resting stance is quite amazing and very cute. Hard to imagine adding to her cuteness factor, but it does!!

  4. Our dog is part chihuahua as well and fron a rescue shelter in California. We got her at 4 years old and she is wonderful. Even though we live in Canada they often bring in rescue dogs from the States. Your dog is adorable. Hope she lives many years and gives you lots of wonderful memories.

  5. Very cute dog, she looks like she's found her way into your heart already. Your blog update looks so nice!

  6. Oh my goodness...what a love your little Leah is!!! Playful and cozy all wrapped in one. The picture of her in your sewing scraps is absolutely adorable. Do give her a treat and some hugs for me!

  7. Cute puppy. Believe it or not that position is called a prayer position by vets. It relieves pressure on their tummies and is often seen when dogs have tummy aches.

  8. Thanks for that bit of information Linda. I hadn't heard that before; I'm glad to learn of the potential for a tummy ache. I can keep a better eye on things now.


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