Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Block Play

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on the work I've been showing recently. I'd have posted something new by now but I've been having difficulties with my photo management system. There's probably a simple, logical fix. I just haven't had the mental capacity to deal with computer issues. Let's see what I can dredge up...

I have blocks arranged for three of the four sides of my Parts Dept. quilt, working one side at a time. In spite of the number of 12" blocks I had in my Parts Drawer very few of them actually played nicely together. I've been having to make at least two new blocks per side. They haven't been sewn them together yet in case I feel the need to rearrange them when I can see them all at one time. That's going to have to take place on our living room floor or maybe even in the front yard if the weather holds. ;- )

Apparently I only have pictures of two sides. Here's one:

And here's the other:

Hmm, there's a hole in that side that I have since filled. Guess you'll have to wait and see what I put in there! Maybe I can get my photos sorted out so you don't have to wait forever to see my progress. I've made another whole quilt you haven't seen any particle of yet too. It was a gift and has been given so now I can make it public. :- ) I just have to find an easier way to access the pictures!

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  1. What a great quilt. I always love what you do with your borders. And doesn't it feel great to find a use for one's odd blocks?


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